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Energy efficiency in buildings: greater focus on cost-... The European Court of Auditors (ECA) issued a special report on energy efficiency buildings and the current lack of cost-effectiveness in EU spending.
Nature-based solutions to the climate emergency: The... The IGNITION project (ERDF) has produced a report on their key findings regarding nature-based solutions (NBS) for the business and building sectors.
Report on barriers to implementing E1st in the EU-28 Discover the latest report produced by the H2020 enefirst project, focused on barriers to implementing the Efficiency First principle in the EU buildings sector.
Islands and COVID-19: A Global Survey This report is the result of a survey conducted by the Strathclyde Centre for Environmental Law and Governance to better understand how COVID-19 was being dealt with on islands.
EU Islands Secretariat's financing corner Discover the new EU Islands Secretariat's financing corner! You can dive into a number of resources to learn about financing clean energy projects of different forms and sizes on islands. Don...
The Future Of Nature And Business COVID19 has caused job losses and economic uncertainty. This new World Economic Forum report finds that investing in nature could create 395 million jobs in next decade and business opportunities...
Going Green: Who is investing in energy efficiency, and why... The new European Investment Bank (EIB) report sheds light on firms’ investments in energy efficiency measures and the role of various factors in their decisions.
Energy Communities under the Clean Energy Package REScoop.euTransposition Guidance
Financial Institutions Instruments A guide for local authorities realised in partnership with the European Investment Bank.
EU Funding Programme Lessons learnt from the Covenant of Mayors Community
Project Development Assistance Lessons learnt from the Covenant of Mayors Community
Innovative Financing Schemes Lessons learnt from the Covenant of Mayors Community
2 Webinars: Sustainable energy investment in Member State... The European Commission hosted two webinars on Sustainable Energy Investment in Member State recovery plans, the first one focusing on Poland and Slovakia and the second one focusing on Croatia, the...
How to set up a one-stop-shop for integrated home energy... A step-by-step guide for local authorities and Energy Agencies developped within the Horizon 2020 Innovate Project.
Energy Communities under the Clean Energy Package Following the EU's Clean Energy for All Europeans legislative package, EU Member States are currently working on transposing the definitions of Renewable Energy Communities and Citizen Energy...
Building Renovation: a kick-starter for the EU recovery The BPIE has carried out this Study at the request of the Renovate Europe Campaign at a time when the topic of energy renovation seems to be on everyone’s lips. The request was made following the...
Energy efficiency in buildings: greater focus on cost-... Faced with the challenge of mitigating climate change, EU leaders have committed to saving 20 % of the EU Member States’ projected energy consumption by 2020 and 32.5 % by 2030. Improving the energy...
REVALUE Final Report The REVALUE project focused on the drive for greater energy efficiency in the European residential housing stock.
Investment opportunities in deep renovation in Europe Discover the main features of this study produced by BPIE.
ESIF and Energy Performance Contracting This report describes how ESIF financial instruments can help upscale the EPC market.