GREENER-EX PROJECT: Global Roadmap for Energy Efficiency in Extremadura [ES] Greener Extremadura emerged from the necessity of establishing a multi-level coordination for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies.
LEMON project - reducing GHG through the energy conversion of social housing [IT] The LEMON Project provides technical assistance for the energy retrofitting of 622 social housing units in the provinces of Reggio Emilia and Parma.
ENERGY PERFORMANCE CONTRACT: ARAGON PICASSO HIGH-SCHOOL IN GIVORS [FR] The Auvergne- Rhône-Alpes Region has organised a a comprehensive energy retrofit of Aragon Picasso high- school in Givors.
ENERGY PERFORMANCE CONTRACT: AMBLARD HIGH-SCHOOL IN VALENCE [FR] The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region has undertaken an energy savings programme by launching major renovation projects in its secondary schools.
ENERGY PERFORMANCE CONTRACT: MUNICIPAL BUILDINGS IN ANNEMASSE [FR] The City of Annemasse has committed to reducing the energy consumption of its building stock by renovating 6 public buildings
ENERGY PERFORMANCE CONTRACT: PUBLIC BUILDINGS IN THE ROANNE CONURBATION [FR] The Roanne conurbation has committed to reducing energy consumption in its properties, particularly tertiary buildings.
LESSONS LEARNT — MONTMÉLIAN MULTIMEDIA LIBRARY EPC [FR] As part of its heritage management efforts, the City of Montmélian launched an energy savings programme to conduct the energy retrofit of its multimedia library.
EnergaP mentoring for EPC in Public Lighting [SI]

Discover how EnergaP has lead the Portuguese Municipality of Loures for EPC in Public Lighting.

Sharing best practices on EPC streetlighting [AT] OÖ Energiesparverband spreads its best practices on EPC streetlighting through PROSPECT.
Public Authorities Learning About Lighting Projects [SI] Thanks to PROSPECT, a group of public authorities learnt about energy efficiency projects in public lighting in Slovenia.
Tipperary cleans up and creates low-energy superhomes [IE]

The ELENA programme brings energy efficiency and clean homes to Tipperary residences that are heated with dirty coal fireplaces

How to make an old castle on a hill cozy & warm in Ljubljana [SI]

The ELENA programme financed a Slovenia energy efficiency makeover for Ljubljana's public buildings.