SMILE Project: Smart grid solutions for Energy Efficiency on Islands

The SMILE Project implements 9 smart grid solutions on pilot Islands: Orkney (UK), Samsø (Denmark) and Madeira (Portugal)

PROSPECT peer learning does not stop... but goes online! Visiting London Croydon virtually Relive the PROSPECT mission in London Borough of Croydon through the eyes of the facilitator Bernadett Köteles-Degrendele.
EMPOWER: Strengthening Cyprus’ power system with innovative methods The Cyprus Energy Agency participates to the EMPOWER project, aiming at improving the Island’s power system and modernize it.
ENERGAP: Maribor improves Energy Efficiency through Public Buildings Refurbishment Find out how ENERGAP is working with the City of Maribor to reduce energy consumption. 
IRE Liguria: Promotion of e-mobility in the Liguria Region Read how IRE Liguria is promoting e-mobility in the Italian region of Liguria by installing  22 new e-charging stations. 
EAP Plovdiv is fighting energy poverty The Energy Agency of Plovdiv is fighting energy poverty and air pollution through a network of energy advisors. 
AURA-EE: A Reference Decision-Making Web-tool for Territories in Transition Read about TerriSTORY®, a free access web-tool developed by Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Energy Environment Agency to help municipalities to plan and monitor their energy transition!
MENEA: Comprehensive Energy Refurbishment of Public Buildings in Medjimurje County Find out how MENEA is coordinating projects of comprehensive energy refurbishment of public buildings in Medjimurje County with a budget co-financed by European Reginal Development Fund (ERDF) and the national...
MIEMA: RESAP Launch – The Renewable Energy Sources Advisory Platform Read how MIEMA has been supporting local stakeholders in the introduction of renewable energy sources in their buildings/facilities through the RESAP platform (...
Abruzzo Region: the Interregional Strategy of Sustainable Development of Abruzzo Region Find out how Abruzzo Region is working with regional institutions, citizens and stakeholders to implement the 17 goals of the 2030 Agenda (SDGs) for land resilience and economic, social, environmental...
REGEA: Investment Factory - Digital Investment Platform

Discover how REGEA is connecting investors and owners of buildings with suitable rooftops through their innovative digital investment platform to promote solar energy and sustainable...

Samsø Energy Academy: Climate action with people at the center Read how Samsø Energy Academy is working to make the Samsø island fossil-free by 2030 through a community-centred energy transition with local benefits.