ChangeNOW Summit

In 2018, around 15 Mayors and Cities Representatives from the European Covenant of Mayors joined ChangeNOW Summit to discover innovative and relevant solutions to tackle their local issues, thanks to a Dedicated One-Day Program for cities.

ChangeNOW gives the opportunity to cities to share what they are implementing, to get inspired by other cities and to get on track with their local objectives.

In 2020 ChangeNOW will welcome more than 50 Mayors and Cities Representatives from around the world.

The One-Day program for cities will also be renewed this year. It will feature: workshops where Cities Representatives and Innovators can work together to build sustainable cities according to the needs of cities participating, sessions where Mayors take the floor and share their approaches (topics according to the 2020 program) and One-on-one meetings giving the possibility to all attendees to schedule business meetings with each other. The Day will also feature Official “Be on the spotlight” Ceremonies to share a big achievement or a big commitment.

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Thursday, January 30, 2020 to Saturday, February 1, 2020

Grand Palais. Paris, France